How it works


Residential real estate has proven to be a solid long-term investment in New Zealand. But, with housing costs rising faster than incomes, for many Kiwis getting onto the property ladder has got harder. Saving for a deposit seems to be getting further out of reach. 

That's why we're building a new way to invest in real estate that makes it easier for people to start their investing journey today.  Opoly is on a mission to make investing in property easy and accessible to everyone for as little as $100!

So how does Opoly work?

Our team of property professionals select properties that we think will make a great long-term property investment.

We then crowdfund the Property via  Pledge Me where you can become a Shareholder in the company that owns the property by purchasing a share for $100. You and the other Shareholders will together own a company that owns the investment property.

The Team at Opoly will then manage the company for the Shareholders including hiring a  Property Management firm to look after the investment property making sure it is rented out, insured, kept in great condition and receiving rental income.

You will receive your share of the rental income after expenses as dividends- these will be paid quarterly. 

Then after 5 years, Shareholders will  vote whether you want to sell the property or keep for another 12 months (and every 12 months thereafter). When the Property is sold the Shareholders will get a share of any increase in value of the property.

By crowdfunding properties Opoly gives you a chance to get on the property ownership ladder while providing you with the opportunity to earn some great returns.


Rental Distribution
Dividends repesenting your share of the net rental income (paid quarterly)
Capital Gains
Your share of any increase in value when the property is sold.
Total Return

Crowdfunding makes real estate investing accessible to everyone.

With returns that can surpass 10% annually - having real estate in your portfolio is a game changer.