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What is real estate crowdfunding?

Real estate crowdfunding allows for multiple investors to gain exposure to the risks and rewards of the property market.

Each investor owns shares - or what we call blocks - in a holding company that owns a single property.

For example: $10,000 invested in a property that is purchased for $1,000,000 will mean that you own 1% of the company holding the property.

Like the stock market there are two components to the investment: dividend return and the capital return.

Each share of the property pays a dividend on a quarterly basis calculated as the share of the rent less expenses.

Each share also represents a slice of the current market value of underlying the property.

How does Opoly work?

Opoly is an online service, allowing anyone to buy what we call blocks, which are shares in a holding company that owns an investment property.

Opoly allows you to invest in property from just $100.

What are the benefits?

Get started with just $100. Opoly’s low entry level allows everyone with an interest in property investment to build a portfolio. 

Create your own diversified portfolio: Spread risk by easily purchasing blocks in multiple properties. 

Get on the property ladder.  House prices in New Zealand have doubled on average every 10 years. 

No hidden costs or fees. Our fees and costs are simple and upfront, so it is easy to understand the performance of your investment. 

Targeted Opportunities. We take care in what we allow to be made available as investment properties on our platform. Opoly Properties have undergone our selection process which assesses building quality, compliance, location and considers the potential for return. 

Property Management: Our properties are managed by professional third-party Opoly-approved Property Management Companies who automate the process of tenancy, maintenance, legislation, and compliance.

Segregation. There is a unique holding company for each individual property; therefore, you will always know that you are investing in the specific property chosen by you.

Compliance. Feel comfortable knowing offers made are actively compliant. Our crowdfunding partner and provider is licensed by the New Zealand Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

What are the risks?

While our platform offers many potential benefits, there are also a number of potential risks associated with investing using platform which may lead you to lose all or some of your investment.

It is important that to understand risks before using the platform.

Property investment involves risks, including illiquidity, and it should be done only as part of a diversified portfolio. The value of your investment can go down as well as up. Past performance, and data forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Rental income and Capital returns may be lower than estimated. By accessing and using this website, you agree to our our Terms and Conditions.

Any information provided by Opoly is general information only. The information is prepared without factoring your personal situation and investment objectives. Opoly does not provide personalized investment, financial or tax advice.

When was Opoly founded?

Opoly was founded in August 2018.

   Earning Returns

How can my investment earn a return?

On Opoly there is scope for both:

Rental Returns:

As a Block Owner you will receive your share of the net rental income.

Rent is collected from each property's tenants and shared proportionately among the investors who have Blocks in that property (net the independent Property Management Company fee and any costs). Your share of rental income is paid directly into your bank account on a quarterly basis. 

Capital Returns:

If the property's value fluctuates so does your Block value.

As a Block Owner, you can monitor your portfolio. Each property's performance is tracked using property data analytics, and independent property valuations. This data acts as a price guide for investors. After 3 years Block Owners will be paid out any gain on sale, and return of capital.

How is the rental income calculated and paid?

Dividends payable from rental income on a property (once costs have been deducted) are paid quarterly to your account by the last week day of every month. 

Are my returns made from realising gains taxable?

Any gains or losses made on the sale of your Blocks may have tax implications.

Please refer to your accountant or tax advisor about any implications relevant to your situation.


Where do properties on Opoly come from?

Opoly Properties that are made available for investment on the Opoly Platform have passed our selection process and have been carefully selected before going live.

Opoly has selection criteria and minimum standards for which it measures potential investment properties.

Property developers, agents, management companies and vendors recommend investment properties to Opoly that they feel meet these criteria and standards. Opoly then makes the final decision as to which of the investment properties are offered on the Platform.

What is the selection process?

Opoly’s properties have passed our selection process which analyzes building quality, compliance, location and considers the potential for returns. The evaluation process is supported by a number of documents that include photographs, floor plans, valuation, LIM, builders report, property commentary, rental manager’s statement as well as other useful information such as an estimated rental returns and capital returns.

Opoly Properties are visited in person by one of our directors or a qualified Opoly representative.

Opoly does not verify the content of the documents made available to investors by property developers, agents, management companies and vendors.

Opoly makes no representation in relation to the completeness or accuracy of any information contained in the documents.

All information provided is publicly available on each listing via the "View Offer" functionality.

How are the properties valued?

Valuations are independent and use a variety of bank approved valuers as well as property analytics and data companies.

Properties are valued at the time of initial funding and again carried out on a monthly basis.

When is an Opoly Property sold?

Upon 3 years of Settlement form the Crowdfunding Campaign.


What are blocks?

Blocks are the way you invest in a portion of an investment property made available on Opoly.

Blocks are shares in an Opoly Holding Company (OHC) that owns a property. So when you own Blocks, you have a shared ownership of a property via the OHC.

How do I buy blocks?

Once you have registered and deposited funds, you can browse Opoly Properties and complete your own due diligence.

When you are ready you can then Buy Blocks in the property you so choose.

To purchase Blocks you must be logged into your account and click on the offer you are interested in. You will find a property summary page, where you can buy Blocks.

Choose how much you’d like to invest and your order will show the number of Blocks you are buying and the fees clearly associated with the transaction.

How do I exit my blocks?

When the time is right you can list your Blocks for sale on the Opoly Marketplace. Opoly charges a 1.00% Matching Fee for selling your Blocks.

You can select the amount and price of the Blocks you want to sell. You may factor in the latest monthly valuation or recent sales other participants have achieved.

This information can be clearly found on the Opoly Marketplace.

How much do blocks cost?

The initial price of Blocks is always $100 during the crowdfunding phase.

This takes into account the price of the property plus any additional costs such as repairs & conveyancing costs divided by the number of Blocks. 

The Block Price may fluctuate after the property goes live on the Opoly Marketplace. 

Is there a minimum investment?

The minimum investment is $100.

Is there a maximum investment?

The maximum amount you can invest in one property is 25% of the total number of Blocks.

You can, however, invest in more than one property with Opoly. One of the benefits of Opoly is that you can diversify your property portfolio by buying Blocks in different properties.


Can I invest in multiple properties at the same time?

One of the benefits of Opoly is that you can easily diversify your property portfolio by buying Blocks in different properties.

Diversifying includes spreading your capital over an assortment of properties.

This is the opposite of having all your eggs in one basket.

In addition, diversification allows you to create a portfolio which could protect you against sudden changes in the market.

Opoly will provide as much information as possible regarding each property, but it is important to do your own independent research and analysis before investing.

Is there a maximum amount you can invest in a property?

Yes, the maximum amount you can invest in one property is 25% of the total number of Blocks.

You can invest in more multiple properties available on Opoly. 

How long do I have to keep my investment?

There is no time restrictions for how long you can own Blocks for.

Is my investment held seperate from Opoly?

Each Opoly Property is held in and owned by a seperate Opoly Holding Company (OHC). This means when you purchase Blocks through Opoly’s platform you are investing in the OHC that owns that specific property. Investor funds are kept separate from the operational account of Opoly.

Opoly Limited does not own any of the properties and is a separate business entity. It is the owner of the technology and website behind the Platform. Opoly provides an online service allowing investors to buy and sell Blocks (shares in an OHC that owns a investment property). This means investors can elect to purchase shares in companies that own newly listed properties or shares in companies that own existing properties on the Opoly Marketplace.

What happens when a property meets its funding target?

When an Opoly Property reaches the funding goal during the funding period, settlement takes place. The transfer of funds is final and Blocks for that property appear in your "My Blocks" area.

When happens if the property doesn't reach the funding target?

When investors purchase Blocks in a property that reaches the funding goal settlement can take place. If not enough investors purchase Blocks by the funding date then the seller has the "Option" to "accept" or "reject" the funds raised to date. 

In the event the seller accepts - the unsold blocks are retained by the seller and settlement takes place.

In the event the seller rejects - the property is withdrawn and committed investor funds are returned to their Opoly Wallet.

What happens to my money while the property is still reaching its funding target?

When you purchase Blocks, your money is escrowed in a trust account regulated and audited by the Financial Markets Authority (FMA).

How long is the funding period?

Each offer has a 60 day period where investors have the opportunity to fund the purchase of the property.

Who can invest?

If you are a NZ Resident you are eligible to invest in Opoly Properties. 

Can I invest as a company or trust?

We will ask you the entity you want to use. Upon entering the additional information to the entity this will allow us to verify you so that you can proceed with the purchasing of Blocks in the name of your company or trust.

   Property Management

Who takes care of the property management?

Opoly Properties are managed by thid-party Opoly Approved Property Management Companies (OAPMC) who specialise in looking after tenants, maintenance, legislation and compliance. Quality property management is fundamental to any successful property investment. 

Each Opoly Holding Company (OHC) enters into a management agreement with an appointed OAPMC, assigning them the responsibility of all property management responsibilities including:

  • Rental reviews, estimates and appraisals.
  • Finding reliable tenants (advertising properties, filtering and choosing tenants).
  • Establishing and managing lease arrangements.
  • Rent collection.
  • Property inspections.
  • Managing maintenance. Taking care of urgent repairs.

The cost to the OHC is on average 7.5% incl. GST of the gross rental income and paid from the rent alongside other expenses that may need servicing ahead of payment of any Monthly Distributions. With Opoly you benefit from automated management. 

Who are the property management companies?

Opoly Approved Property Management Companies are contracted at arms length.

They take care of all the tenancy and maintenance issues, creating a seamless hassle free investment approach.

How do we select our third party property management companies?

Opoly actively monitors the Property Management Companies activities on an ongoing basis to ensure they remain current with the quality of their services.

Prior to engagement Opoly conducts an extensive due diligence process ensure confidence that their capabilities meet the Opoly Approved status.

Where do the tenants for properties come from?

Opoly Approved Property Management Companies (OAPMC) are tasked with the responsibility of screening for quality tenants and managing the process of tenancy over the property.

What happens during a period where a property is vacant and doesn't have tenants?

Opoly Approved Property Management Companies work towards keeping the properties tenanted 100% of the time, however there may be periods where a property is not tenanted. During these vacant periods, it is possible that rental income will be affected, which may result in reduced or no Quarterly Distributions for this time period.

How are maintenence and repair costs handled?

You won’t be asked for funds being required on the property. The OAPMC will hold a Cash Reserve for each property to cover smaller unexpected costs.

This Cash Reserve is raised during the initial funding period of the property.

In the event the Cash Reserve is drawn down then rental income will be used to top up the Cash Reserve which will reduce the rental income payable to the Block Owners for the duration.

A Cash Reserve doesn’t guarantee a loss or reduction in your rental income for the month.

What happens if there are large unforeseen repairs needed?

Large repair costs can result in a period of no rental income until costs have been met and the cash reserve has been replenished.

Note that all properties will be fully insured.

   Compliance & Regulation

Is Opoly licensed by the FMA?

We are currently in the investigative process of acquiring our own crowdfunding license.

All offers made available are facilitated by Collinson Crowdfunding - a licensed financial services provider.

   My Account

Do I have to get verified to create an account?

To meet regulation and compliance standards this process must happen before you can start investing. It involves a formal identification check, where you will need to provide your official New Zealand photo identification in the form of either a NZ Drivers Licence or NZ Passport.

This verification process happens via our licensed crowdfunding provider and partner.

What is involved in the verification process?

You will be asked to fill in your details such as address, DOB, IRD number, and passport or driver’s license information.

Verification can then take place and is immediate once we have identified you electronically using the information you have provided.

What happens if I fail the verification process?

Sometimes the system is unable to verify you via electronic online verification.

If you fail electronic verification, you will be asked to complete a manual verification process.

If I create an account does that mean I have to invest?

Opoly is free and without any obligation. Once you've created your account and been verified we'll keep you up to date with all Opoly news and future offers.

We recommend you take the time you need to do your homework prior to considering an investment.

   Fees & Tax

What are the fees on Opoly?

Acquisition Fee:

Opoly charges a 2.00% fee when investing into Blocks. This is automatically factored into the listing price and is only collected if the crowdfunding campaign is successful.

Listing Fee:

We currently don't charge vendors anything to list their property on Opoly.

Disposal Fee:

Opoly charges a 2.00% on the resale of the property. This is when investors realise any capital gain after 3 years.

Opoly’s fees may change at any time and we will inform our investors a month in advance of any change.

What are the property management fees?

Traditional Property Management Companies typically charge around 7.5% of the rent to provide their management services.

The fee covers a full service. Any difference above or below from this fee will be clearly identified in any offers placed on the platform.

Are my returns taxable?

Any gains or losses made on the sale of your Blocks may have tax implications.

Please refer to your accountant or tax advisor about any implications relevant to your situation.


Can I trust Opoly?

Our team is highly experienced in financial services, software technology, law and the property industry.

Opoly Properties are carefully selected and must pass our selection process which assess build quality, compliance, location and scope for return.

We place high importance on minimising preventable risks.

We utilize cutting-edge blockchain solutions for protecting your information.

Opoly is passionate about empowering everyday Kiwi's to gain access to investing in the property market while helping to teach and improve financial literacy.

Our platform has been designed to support investors both new and experienced.

Is my information secure?

We do everything we can to keep your information safe and protected.

Is my money safe?

We place high importance on minimising all risks.

All funds used for the purchase and investment into Blocks are held in an audited trust account, completely separate to our own company bank accounts.

Each property is held and owned by separate individual holding companies.

Will Opoly ever request my security details?

We will never request or send passwords via email.

How is my investment protected?

In the event that Opoly were to go out of business your money and property investments will always remain safe and accessible.

Each property is contained separately in a holding company separate from the assets and liabilities of Opoly.

In the event of financial distress, the property will continue to be managed by the Property Management Company. As a shareholder in that company, you can vote to consider your options.

Any money held in your account which has not been invested is held in a trust account separate to ours.

Your money would be returned in the event of Opoly going into liquidation.


How do I fund my account?

You can choose to deposit funds using direct credit or POLi.

You can also easily transfer money into your account from any New Zealand bank account.

Funding your account using POLi

POLi is a great way to fund your wallet. It's free to use and what's more it's fast and efficient.

When you use POLi everything is done within the security of your online banking facility and at no time are you required to disclose your personal banking details to any third party, (including POLi). POLi does not capture, store or disclose any of your sensitive details (including account numbers and internet banking logon or passwords).

I've transferred funds to my account, where does the money go?

Our licensed crowdfunding provider and partner holds your money in their trust account to ensure your funds are separated from the rest of our operations. You can withdraw your money at any time. It will be transferred back to the bank account that you initially funded your account with.

Please note it will take 1-2 business days for the funds to show in your account if you decide to deposit money using internet banking.

Will I be charged for funding my account?

Opoly does not charge to fund your account. We cannot advise on charges your bank may levy.

How do I withdraw funds from my account?

You can withdraw funds from your account at any time, by logging into your account and making a withdrawal request to your chosen bank account.

Is there a minimum withdrawal?

There is no minimum withdrawal amount.

Will I be charged for withdrawing funds from my account?

We will not charge you for withdrawing funds to your New Zealand Bank Account. Any transaction fees or charges applied by your bank are independent of Opoly.


How can I contact Opoly?

You can contact us via the Contact Form 

You can also get in touch with us using our Intercom functionality by clicking on the green circle found at the bottom right corner.

How can Opoly contact me?

Opoly will communicate with you via a number of ways, primarily via email or our Opoly Investors Community page found here.