Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens to properties once sold?

    Properties sold are managed by Wolfbrook Property Management.  The Property Manager will ensure the property is tenanted, well maintained, handle  tenant enquiries and manage the day to day functions associated with owning an investment property.

    The Manager intends to arrange a shareholder vote at five years following the Offer Close Date. The shareholder vote will decide if the property is to be sold immediately via a traditional on market sales campaign OR retained for a further year and the vote held again. A majority of 75% of returned shareholder votes is required to sell the Property.

  • What happens if the funding target isn't met?

    If the Crowdfunding Campaign for the property is unsuccessful a refund will be issued within 5 working days of the Offer Close Date.

  • Who owns the property?

    Opoly will incorporate subsidiary companies called OHC's (Opoly Holding Companies), each of which will identify a suitable property. Once a property is identified, the OHC will offer shares to investors under an equity crowdfunding campaign and, subject to the equity crowdfunding campaign raising sufficient investment, that OHC will then purchase the property. Investors will be able to obtain exposure to the risks and rewards of ownership of the underlying property through holding shares in the OHC subsidiary company.

  • What happens if something goes wrong with the property?

    If something in the property breaks it will be required to use some of the rental income to cover this cost. Rental income will be temporarily used towards fixing the expense until it has been paid.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our fees are simple and transparent:

    Opoly Acquisition Fee: 0.5% of the Property purchase price. This is the amount paid to Opoly Limited for sourcing the Property

    Opoly Legal Fee: 0.5% of the Property purchase price (capped). This is the amount paid to Opoly Limited to cover all legal expenses incurred in the acquisition of the Property

    Management Fees:  There will be two annual management fees These are each  funded from the annual rental income of the Property.

    1. The Opoly Management Fee, $3000, is  paid to Opoly Limited for managing the company including maintaining company records, shareholder details, preparing tax returns and managing the property manager.
    2. The Property Management Fee is to be payable to the Property Manager for managing the Property as with most investment properties.


  • What risks are involved?

    Like with any forms of investing there are risks.

    The value of your investment can go down as well as up.

    Historical information, past performance, and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance. Gross rent, dividends, and capital growth may be lower than estimated.

    By owning shares across a range of investment properties you can spread your risk.

  • How can I make money?

    You can potentially earn two types of returns: 

    1. Capital returns - You have the potential to earn capital returns from the sale of your shares and/or the sale of the property. Capital returns are based on the difference between what you paid for the share and what you sell it for, which can either be positive or negative.  

    2. Rental income - Each month, earn your share of any net rental income from your shareholdings. We call these "monthly distributions", and they are paid into your nominated bank account 

  • Can I trust Opoly?

    Our team is highly experienced in financial services, software technology, law and the property industry. 

    Opoly Properties are carefully selected and must pass our selection process which assess build quality, compliance, location and scope for return. 

    We place high importance on minimising preventable risks. 

  • Will it affect my first home buyers grant?

    You can buy up to 20% per Opoly Offer. You’re able to participate in as many offers as you wish.  

  • Can I purchase shares for others?

    Yes. The recipient of the shares must be 18 or older and comply with the companies act obligations. For more information please visit  

  • What are the benefits of investing?

    There are many benefits to investing in shares with Opoly. These include: 

    Access to an asset class that has performed strongly compared with other asset classes (such as shares and cash) over the last 20 years * 
    Potential to earn capital returns and any net rent income 
    Low minimum investment 
    Ability to build a diversified portfolio of shares 
    Access to quality property investments sourced by our Property Team 
    Simple fee structure 
    Passive investment 
    *Past performance is not indicative of the future performance