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The team at Opoly are property professionals.

We love property and now we are making investing in property easy and accessible to everyone from as little as $100! By crowdfunding properties Opoly gives you a chance to get on the property ownership ladder while providing you with the opportunity to earn some great returns.

Meet the Team!

Steve Brooks: Steve has been involved in property from a young age, at age  14, Steve became the youngest real estate agent in New Zealand! By 16 he had bought his first investment property and by 18 moved into property development. 

Following the Christchurch earthquake, Steve started purchasing ‘as is where is’ properties and built up an impressive commercial portfolio, along with continuing to build his residential property portfolio. Steve is a Director of Wolfbrook Property Group. 

James Cooney: After graduating from Lincoln University with a BCom VPM (Valuation and Property Management) degree, James began his professional career working as a commercial property agent.

James also began trading and selling in what would become known as the ‘as is where is' market. James is a Director of Wolfbrook Property Group.

Guy Randall:  Guy grew up in a family with a background in finance but quickly found success in another industry; hospitality. Having owned some of the most awarded hospitality venues from age of 23, Guy made his way back towards finance in 2009 co-founding a pioneering finance business the same year.

More recently Guy has held executive roles in finance and property development. Guy is Chief Executive Officer of Wolfbrook Property Group.



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Dividends representing you share of net rental income

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Your share of any increase in value when the Property is sold