How you earn money
Rental Distribution
Dividends repesenting your share of the net rental income (paid quarterly)
Capital Gains
Your share of any increase in value when the property is sold.
Total Return

Crowdfunding makes real estate investing accessible to everyone.

With returns that can surpass 10% annually - having real estate in your portfolio is a game changer.

Available Now

Choose your Opoly property from the range carefully selected by our specialist property team based on growth potential and rental returns.

Property details include:
  • Forecasted capital growth
  • Independent property valuations
  • Forecast rental income & yield
  • Forecast total return over 5 years

How it works

The team at Opoly are property professionals. We love property and we are on a mission to make investing in property easy and accessible to everyone from as little as $100!

By crowdfunding properties Opoly gives you a chance to get on the property ownership ladder while providing you with the opportunity to earn some great returns.

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It’s time for a new way
We’re making real estate investment accessible to all Kiwis.